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JOB TITLE : Political Advisor (POLAD)

The incumbent's duties are:
The incumbent provides advice to the wide range of diplomatic, politico-military and economic developments in international affairs and provides specific advice on their implications for the conduct of Organization's missions.

As a key member of the Command Group, participates in all major policy and planning initiatives, providing information and advice on a wide range of politico- military issues in direct support of Commander's policy formulation
The POLAD serves as the principle link of the Commander to the civilian / political authorities of NATO, governments of member, partner and other nations, to International Organizations and other relevant Agencies as part of a Comprehensive Approach.
Evaluates military operations and advises on the political ramifications of those operations.
Provides targeted information, briefings and think pieces on trouble spots, including political developments, matters affecting security and stability, local governments, international organization activities, and the nexus of political extremism, organized crime, armed violence and terrorism, as required.
Collects and analyses information on politico-military issues as directed.
Co-ordinates policy matters that require political and/or military decisions with decision makers and liaison officers, ACO and Joint Headquarters, International Organizations (IOs) and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as governmental and embassy staffs at Minister and Ambassador level, as required.
Assists decision makers in interfacing with political, diplomatic, non-governmental, and other civilian organizations.
Provides substantive support for high level visits.
Prepares, reviews, and comments on drafts of decision Commander's, media briefs, and position papers for public dissemination.
Participates in briefings, Commander's Update Briefings, decision briefs and other senior command group meetings, boards and committees to provide political advice.
The incumbent is required to undertake operation deployments and/or TDY assignments both within and without NATO's boundaries up to 180 days.
Şirket : Nato Karargahı Hava Unsur Komutanlığı
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